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We are an investment company serving the entrepreneurial ecosystem to 360 degrees in Turkey.
We started our work in 2014 by setting up an angel investor network based in Boğaziçi University.We have established and managed programs for initiatives with our strategic partners, specializing in initiatives for the ecosystem, and have combined our initiatives with investments.While we provide companies with an innovative vision through our in-house entrepreneurship programs, we also offer consultancy services to corporations in deploying patented technologies.

We establish and manage initiatives by adopting the concept of 360-degree entrepreneurship.The first of these is the consulting company BCB (Boğaziçi Counseling for Business).The organization of the BCB is working to support institutions in the areas they need, with the power of the bridge between Boğaziçi University and its alumni.

In 2016, we established the Bosphorist Venture Capital Investment Fund by merging our forces with Istanbul Portfolio. We invest in technology companies.

In 2018, our newest initiative, TreeT BUBA Agriculture and Technology was established. Our investments that will give direction to agriculture will continue in the next year.

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Founded as a subsidiary of BUBA, Boğaziçi Counseling for Business (BCB) is a new generation consultancy company.The Academy strives to bring a new perspective to the field of consulting by establishing a bridge between the business people and the business world.It provides solutions to the needs of the changing and developing business world.

Professionals with national and international senior management experience and the consultants of Boğaziçi University academicians act in line with the strategic plan created for the needs of the companies throughout the process and work closely with the customers until they reach their common goals.




Bosphorist Technology Fund is İstanbul based venture capital investment fund founded by combining our forces IstanbulPortföy, in 2016. Our portfolio is made up of startups, which are born with creative thinking and managed by brave, strong and intelligent teams.In addition to the funding we provide to startups, we also provide continuous support for business development, finance, M & A and other strategic management decisions.

Initiatives that Bosphorist is Interested in


TreeT BUBA TarımveTeknolojileri A.Şinvestment company is BUBA's newest initiative.In the project, which was realized with 200 acres of almond garden in Salihli District of Manisa, the inclusion of agricultural technologies that will give direction to agriculture as well as conventional agriculture constitutes the most important aim of the investment.

TreeT Ecosystem

Angel Investing

With 70 accredited investors
BUBA creates one of
Turkey's largest
investor pool.

Angel Investment in BUBA
turns into micro-funding system.
Angel investors will now exist
as shareholders in the established
investment company.
BUBA undertakes the management of the investment.
It is aimed to be
able to invest in higher amounts
by creating micro funds.



BUBA is cooperating about the enrichment of the patent portfolio of companies in Turkey and opening their patents to foreign markets. BUBA's patent consulting service items include;