As BUBA Ventures we provide finance and executive management support to start-ups. Our mission is to be an organization who accompanies the start-ups that we supported while they turn into companies.

We are founded in Boğaziçi University in 2014 as the first university-based network of angel investment in Turkey.

We are always proud of where we started and that we are founded at Boğaziçi University. Boğaziçi University is one of the best environments for entrepreneurs-to-be with the social skills it provided to its students as well as the globally well-known research & development activities in Turkey.

We evaluated more than 3000 projects in the first two years after our foundation and met 16 of them with investments. We organized more than 40 free-of-charge events both for entrepreneurs and investors-to-be in order to nurture the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. We organized and carried out acceleration programs such as Vodafone Fikir Çarkı, Garanti Partners were our business partners.

In 2017, we established Bosphorist Technology Fund which is one of the first independent venture capital investment funds accredited by Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

In the same year, we pioneered the foundation of BCB Business Consultancy Inc. which delivers consultancy service to companies with Boğaziçi University Alumni who are experts in their sectors.

In 2018, we founded and managed of TreeT BUBA Agriculture and Techonologies Inc. in order to utilize the opportunities in Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies in our country and to create new opportunities.

As of 2019, by transforming from BUBA Business Angels to BUBA Ventures through joining our forces with İstanbul Portfoy we establish and undertake the management of two more venture capital investment funds with the support of Tubitak: TechinvestorsTR and PharmatechTR.